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Pakistan Property Leaders

Pakistan Property Leaders

Rana Khalid

32-A, Main Boulevard, Iqbal Commercial near Grand Jamia Masjid Bahria Town Lahore

Pakistan Property Leaders is Pakistan’s foremost real estate organization that provides a platform for communication to thousands of property consumers and merchants all around the world. We give proficient and unswerving consultancy to our customers living here in Pakistan as well as abroad. With the passage of time, we have been successful in increasing our activities and exceeding expectations in offering significant revenues and benefits to all our clients. Our staff not only excels in proficiency and preparation but also in pursuing the most astounding models of business morals with regards to giving proficient counseling in issues of purchasing/selling any property.

PPL is recreating land advertising in Pakistan by presenting strong real estate journals. We intend to utilize all that we have learned from our two decade experience and build up a framework that illuminates and instructs the overall population but the prime focus remains on planned purchasers/venders with the most recent real estate market developments, news, and discernments. With the help of our consistent assistance, you can be proficient enough to refine your choices before making the greatest budgetary exchange of your life.

We sincerely believe that our hard work, honesty and transparency will help us in achieving our long term goals along with attracting and retaining customers. While working with any of our experts you can be assured you have landed in the right place. We generally give precise and fair meeting and our advisers stick to the most noteworthy standards of business morals. At PPL, our motive is to keep striving against any bias and work harder in order to grow our real estate organization and journal beyond the accomplishment of any other network in Pakistan.

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  • 506 Talha @120 PUP 66 Talha @175 PUP 746 Talha @176 PUP MB
  • 332 L @64 PUP 131 K @64 PUP Corner 96 K @66 PUP FP 99 K @70 PUP FP Corner
  • 850 C @86 PUP 50'Rd 787 OLC-B @85 FP PUP 359 OLC-B @77 PUP 695 G4 @133 PUP
  • All Open form Plots 1953 D-Ext @41 Open LQ 1018 OLC-A @55 Open MQ 390 K @46....
  • Required Kanal Pair Tipu, Ghazi, Tauheed Sikander Alamgir Ghaznavi Ghaznav...
  • Bahria Orchard Saffari Villa G6 40,41 P4 G6 @14 Own Pair

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